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Disc Instructions




The discs will run on Windows XP up to and including Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 7 and above.

NB: The discs will not run on any other Web Browsers such as Windows Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc:


The disc needs to be in the disc drive at all times when being used and can not be loaded to the hard drive.


The disc will load in various ways depending on the Windows operating system and IE version being used, when loading earlier versions discs they will Autorun when inserted in the DVD drive, if not open disc explorer and run setup, after setup has run, then goto view all file or Apps, choose Honda ESM and then the disc you have just loaded, this will open the programme. 


For later Windows versions


  • Insert disc into drive

  • After giving the disc time to load, open the disc in My Computer ect: 

  • Double Click on "HONDAESM"  HTLM Document

  • Click "Allow blocked content"

  • Message box saying "Execute the Microsoft IE" Click OK

  • Message box " Do you want to close this window" Click NO

  • The disc will start to load in IE:

  • The disc will then load, however it will load in German

  • Change the language to English or chosen language using the drop down box at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Message box's may open again, Answer as before


The disc is now ready to use


Some of these operations may differ, depending on how your system is set up and also can be effected by firewalls and pop up blockers, if you have a problem please check that these are turned off or allowed for the disc.


Using the disc


  • Choose the model year

  • Next choose model code* (when this is entered all repair operations will be related only to that specific vehicle).

  • Select which manual is required (mech Repair or Body manual)

  • Next choose repair operation required

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon

  • Double click on the repair required

  • "Links" to other required repair operations are in Blue, clicking on these will take you to the associated repair.

  • Click on thumbnail image to enlarge

  • In wiring diagrams the magnifying glass shows that the diagram can be enlarged

  • Printed diagrams is split into three, (A4 x 3 sheets), A3 printing is also possible


*The "model code" comprises of two letters and 1 number, found in the vehicles VIN (Chassis number) 



If you encounter any problems, please email us with details of the Operating system, IE: version being used along with your phone number and we will call you to rectify the problem. For your peace of mind we have never been unable to get a disc to load and have never had a disc returned.

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